Enhance your sales management and streamline operations with the TradePartners® app. Designed to empower salespersons, this in-house solution revolutionizes sales automation and enables seamless communication with dealers. By registering calls made to dealers and documenting the points discussed, salespersons can effectively track their interactions right from the comfort of their office or house.

The TradePartners® app goes beyond individual efforts, providing valuable insights to reporting heads. With a comprehensive overview of the team's activities, reporting heads can easily monitor progress, leave comments, and seek answers, fostering collaboration and driving success.

By leveraging the power of the TradePartners® app, businesses can elevate their sales management to new heights. From efficient call registration to transparent communication, the app simplifies processes and boosts productivity. Experience the transformative benefits of sales automation and in-house sales management with TradePartners®. Revolutionize your operations and achieve unparalleled success.

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