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TradePartners® excels in providing comprehensive performance management solutions. Our advanced tools enable you to monitor and optimize key performance metrics, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that drive success.

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Our Sales Tracking System in Mumbai sets the standard for effective sales management. With real-time insights, detailed reporting, and seamless integration, TradePartners® ensures you stay on top of your sales activities, identify growth opportunities and track performance with unparalleled accuracy.

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TradePartners® is a revolutionary Sales Performance Management Software having various dashboard reports.

Projected Journey Plan (PJP)

Sales person can make their respective PJPs in advance/same day/on the go. On meeting repsective dealers they can put point discussed. Respective reporting head(s) can see all the activities of team and can put comments to get the answers.

Tour Plan (TP)

Sales persons can make their respective tour plans in advance for getting tour approval form respective reporting head(s). On meeting repsective dealers they can put point discussed. Respective reporting head(s) can see all the activities of team and can put comments to get the answers.


Sales persons can register calls made to dealers (points discussed with respective dealers) from office/house. Respective reporting head(s) can see all the activities of team and can put comments to get the answers.

Reports (PJP/TP/In-house)

Reports can be downloaded in excel.

  • Individual employee wise, PJP wise, date wise counters visited.
  • Individual employee wise, month wise frequency of counter visited, Etc.


Sales Executives can see their real-time targets vs achievements, individual product-wise quantity and value sell-out done.

Live-stock for billing

Sales Executives can see the livestock for billing on the go.

Sales Order

Sales Executives can create sales orders on the go, and the same will reflect on the main system on real-time basis for the concerned Reporting Manager and the Accounts Manager to check and approve the order for billing.

Amount Receivable

The amount receivable of the direct billing partners can be seen by the Sales Executives on a real-time basis.

Dashboard Report

Various dashboard reports are available for high officials as per their specific requirements and choices.

Status with T2 & T3

Daily secondary sales done by the respective T2s can be captured on real-time basis. (e.g. Name of the T3, Item and quantity) Further daily tertiary sales done by respective T3s can also be captured along with the product's serial number.

Daily Task Planner

Plan your daily tasks effortlessly and just in a few steps. Lets your team and seniors know about what task you are on!

Day-to-day meetings

Schedule daily meetings as per the team's updated performance. Send meeting-related notes for your team to attend!

Daily Report Activity

Respective reporting heads starting from BM and up to higher-level management officials which includes HR, can check updated status/outcome on daily activities done by their respective team members, and can put their valuable comments and plan for the next-level meeting on need-based!

Performance and Appraisals

HRs can now monitor the team's performance and set appraisals according to the parameters. Easy and fastest way of appraisals!

Awards and Recognitions

Motivate your team by setting R&Rs in a few easy steps. Lets the team know about the awards won by all!


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