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TradePartnersR app is a futuristic mobile first cloud-based application specially tailor-made for people engaged with channel and distribution trade, across B2B and B2C segment of IT, Consumer Electronics Trade and others.

It is a very useful app to manage and analyze data related to primary and secondary sells, productivity/performance analysis of field forces across all verticals with optional real-time GPS tracking system could be linked with respective PJPs, Channel scheme narrator, it can also provide a detailed report on accounts, HRMS, and logistics. We can say that TradePartnersR is a high tech Sales Performance Management Software including features like Sales Tracking System, Sales Executive Tracking App, Sales Automation Application and Field Team Management Software!

Phase - I

Users: Admin | BM / RM | AM | Sales Executives | FOs

  • Admin

    The authority who will control admin panel
  • BM / RM

    If required can directly check secondary sales performance of the branch
  • AM

    Can check daily activities of respective SEs against PJP and others
  • Sales Executives

    To provide and update all the prescribed reports for their respective reporting heads
  • FOs

    Activities, and performance can be measured by the designated person(s)

Deliverables on next phases to be proclaimed soon.

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