Be Progressive with the TradePartners® App!

Many product manufacturing companies give away attractive offers for their distributers. Sometimes a free trip, sometimes big discounts and many such offers that can benefit the buyers. These offers are generally designed to increase the sales of the product.

However, these offers always keep on changing and it gets difficult for the company or the Managers to update each Sales Executive in detail. This results in long morning meetings by the Managers so that their team members can be updated with the ongoing or new offers before they hit the field.

With the TradePartners®, the Admins and Managers can upload all such offers in the Scheme section. Once the offers are updated, the Sales Executives can see the offers and pitch for the same to their clients. Sales Executives also get a notification if any new offer is added or if any existing offer is edited by the Admins or the Managers.

TradePartners® helps you in being updated on each day of your job! With the TradePartners® app, you will notice that your long meeting hours have vanished and all the reports and other work-related updates are right at your fingertips!

So why wait? Get your TradePartners® app now and follow smooth operations in your daily work routine! Click now for more details!

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Quick DAR/DCR analysis and it’s positive impact on TGT VS ACH!

Many of us know the pain and agony of a sales team! Sales Managers and Sales Executives go through heavy pressure on each day of their work. Many times, they do official work beyond the scope of prescribed duty hours, and as a result, they do not get enough time to spend with their families.

When we talk about the Sales team, the Manager and the Sales Executives, both have several sets of daily duties which makes their work difficult and time-consuming. If we talk about the Managers, they have their targets too besides team target. Hence managing everything manually in the process of taking feedback from the team is time taking.

To manually take feedback from individual team members on daily basis and guide them accordingly and/or advising corrective action items requires a lot of time.

However, with TradePartners® in place having “point discussed” TAB under PJP, TP, and In-house menu which reflects individual counter wise daily activity report (DAR)/daily call report (DCR) – it has a great impact on effective analyzing of DAR / DCR of team members and a time-saving tools, resulting in providing quick and accurate calls to teams.

Once the Sales Executives updates their journey plans, the Managers can easily view the same on the app and have a clear picture of which Sales Executive is up for which client meet. This gives your team a call-free experience!

The Sales Executive gets the option to mark themselves out from the meeting once they are out of the client’s location. Managers can put short notes if they want to update their on-field Sales Executives about any important message.

For the freshers in the team, the Managers can track them on the TradePartners® app and can guide them on each step of their meetings. This helps time to train the freshers.

Once the day is over, the Managers can see the performance data on the app and can plan the month accordingly.

The TradePartners® app also helps in report generation to help the team save time which they usually spend in the day’s end meetings. All the reports are ready at your fingertips and can be downloaded in a list or graph format!

Now with the TradePartners®, your team saves time and enters the world of smart working, and last but not least it helps all the field forces and reporting heads to effectively balance life with office and home!

So why wait? Download the TradePartners® app now! Click to know more!

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TradePartners® smartly updates you with the customer’s Amount Receivables in a single step!

Credit limit and payment due date are the two most important factors of any sales process. Companies have certain credit terms and payment policies for distributors depending upon their payment history and the volume of business they do.

As our sales executives are always on the search for new business and at the same time, they build a healthy relationship with the existing customers. It is a must for the sales team to know the Amount Receivables of respective distributors. This helps them understand the current payment status of their respective customers and hence, the sales executives can follow up with their customers for the amount receivable as on date if any.

Traditionally the sales team used to follow up with their accounts department to check if the customer has paid or not.

Now, with TradePartners® the entire sales team has a clear idea of the customers whose due date of payment is nearing and whose date of payment has crossed. Also, the sales team can check whether the credit limit provided was overshoot for any approved reason, and likewise, it helps decide the next action items to bring that customer(s) back within the prescribed credit limit.

In this way, the sales team can monitor the Accounts Receivables on a near to real-time basis and follow up with the customers accordingly.

TradePartners® has certainly got the sales process to an easy and smart going level. With TradePartners®, your sales team can now work faster and smarter!

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Get error-free sales reports in a single step!

Are you tired of making long reports? Are you worried about making your team wait after office hours for meetings and report generation?

If yes, then you must get the TradePartners® app! The TradePartners® app analyzes your team performance and generates reports based on the data entered by your Sales Executives and allows you to download the reports in list and graph format.

The TradePartners® app can help you build a strong team. You can analyze your team performance based on the accurate reports and help your team to work on their weak points.

It has been observed that the long meetings for a performance check and report generation have come to an end, for those who are working with the TradePartners® app!

So why wait? Hurry! Get your TradePartners® app now and say Good Bye to the long meetings and say hello to a team that performs!

Click now!

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Check The Live-Stock For Billing & Increase your Sales Efficiency the smarter way!

Field Sales Executives of every company are always on their toes to get a new order for their company. We also know that there are several Sales Executives in a company who travel to many different locations to get new orders.

While they place an order, they have to go through certain challenges. The Sales Executives always have to call or be in touch with their Managers or Admin Departments to check if the products are available in stock.

This is the exact time where they have to wait for a long time until their managers check on the stock and update them on the same. Many times it happens where the Sales team gets the order and returns to their base, only to find out that the stock doesn’t match the order. And then what! The Sales team has to get back to the client asking for some more time to deliver the order.

Now, to end this problem, TradePartners® helps you by showing you the live-stock for billing right on your mobile screen. Your Sales Executives can check the available stock and punch in the orders as per the requirement. You can say that your Sales Executives can see the livestock for billing on the go and place the order from the field itself!

This helps minimize calling time and help quick action on closing orders and revenue generations!

So why wait? Speed-up the process of sales in your company with the TradePartners®! Click now to contact us!

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Increase your Sales Efficiency by checking your Targets Vs Achievements with the TradePartners®!

The sales team of every company has certain targets which they have to achieve before the deadline. The targets are usually divided into two parts, Value-wise and quantity-wise.

To maintain the target vs achievement of the team, the Manager has to take daily meetings to check the progress of the sales team.

However, this technique has become too outdated. Hence, we at TradePartners®, have made complete use of today’s technology and have introduced a feature to check your Targets Vs Achievements!

With the help of the TradePartners®, the Sales Executives can see their real-time targets vs achievements, individual product-wise quantity, and value sell-out done.

The TradePartners® makes it easy to check the same and by this feature, every individual in the sales team gets to know where he/she is standing as per the achievement ratio.

It has also been observed that as compared to the previous work style, people using the TradePartners® can check their growth and get into action to keep up with their performance!

So why wait? Click to start your growth the smart way!

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Generating a sales order on the go can actually increase your sales count!

We all know that sales order is an integral part of the business. Ideally, sales executives used to check available stock before they start for the market in the morning, and sometimes they cross-check the current status of available stock with their office, just before taking the order, and then either they call back to their office to get the order punched on priority and follow-up for billing done, or they go back to the office to coordinate the same in person!

However, as technology has developed, the TradePartners® have found the smartest way to book a sales order!

Now with the TradePartners®, Sales Executives can create sales orders on the go, and the same will reflect on the main system on a real-time basis for the concerned Reporting Manager and the Accounts Manager to check and approve the order for billing. The TradePartners® will also help the Sales Executives in knowing the available stock before they punch in the sales order.

This will save on the calling and traveling back time of the Executives which they used to spend earlier while generating a sales order. The process of sales order generation has now become faster than ever with error-free results. Now your Executives can get the maximum amount of orders once they are out in the fields of sales!

So why wait? Get your team geared up with the TradePartners® app and generate all sales orders the smart way!

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Know how you can increase your sales with the help of technology!

The manufacturing industry runs on the sales team. Field Sales Officers in every company are always the busiest. This is simply because of their work roles and responsibilities. Sales Officers have to follow certain protocols as designed by higher management!

Taking care of the daily PJPs to meeting each client and updating the meeting results to their Managers. Sales Officers have to go through many such things in their daily work routine. 

Talking about the Managers, they are always busy monitoring their Sales Offers and other Sales related activities. Tracking each executive is not an easy job! Sales Managers also have to conduct meetings and create several reports each day. They also have to manage their team’s performance by daily work briefing.

So far, many companies have been following the manual way of managing Sales activities. However, Managing everything manually has become old school these days.

Today, we have several apps and many software that can be useful for the Sales Team. Hence, in this article, we are going to share some great apps in order to increase your sales count with fewer efforts.

Today, if you search for the best Sales Management application/software, you will see a list of apps offering you different features. Some apps will offer you Sales Executive field tracking, some will offer you report generation, and some may offer you customer data management. 

These apps will charge you a certain amount. Most seemingly a similar amount. However, the most successful apps amongst these apps is TradePartners®! If you want to experience a positive hike in your sales, then the TradePartners® is the right one for you!

TradePartners® app is affordable as compared with other apps, as it offers you multiple features to help you get the desired boost in your sales!

Below is the list of features of the TradePartners®:

Projected Journey Plan (PJP):

The salesperson can make their respective PJPs in advance/same day/on the go. On meeting respective dealers they can put points discussed. Respective reporting head(s) can see all the activities of the team and can put comments to get the answers.

Tour Plan (TP):

Sales persons can make their respective tour plans in advance for getting tour approval from respective reporting head(s). On meeting respective dealers they can put points discussed. Respective reporting head(s) can see all the activities of the team and can put comments to get the answers.


Sales persons can register calls made to dealers (points discussed with respective dealers) from office/house. Respective reporting head(s) can see all the activities of the team and can put comments to get the answers.

Reports (PJP/TP/In-house):

Reports can be downloaded in excel.

  • Individual employee wise, PJP wise, date wise counters visited.
  • Individual employee wise, month-wise frequency of counter visited, Etc.


Sales Executives can see their real-time targets vs achievements, individual product-wise quantity, and value sell-out done.

Live-stock for billing:

Sales Executives can see the livestock for billing on the go.

Sales Order:

Sales Executives can create sales orders on the go, and the same will reflect on the main system on a real-time basis for the concerned Reporting Manager and the Accounts Manager to check and approve the order for billing.

Amount Receivable:

The amount receivable of the direct billing partners can be seen by the Sales Executives on a real-time basis.

Dashboard Report:

Various dashboard reports are available for high officials as per their specific requirements and choices.

Status with T2 & T3:

Daily secondary sales done by the respective T2s can be captured on a real-time basis. (e.g. Name of the T3, Item and quantity) Further daily tertiary sales done by respective T3s can also be captured along with the product’s serial number.

You get all the above features on an absolutely affordable price tag, and these features are researched and built by experienced professionals to help you increase your sales count easily!

For more info, click now and enjoy a stress-free sales process!

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Report generation will never be time-consuming!

Report generation is always time-consuming. We usually run behind our daily work targets and keep the report making and sending for the end of the day. We sometimes also ignore making a complete performance report for self and the team which results in a heavy pile-up. Everyone wishes to finish up the day’s work ASAP and leave the office on time. However, even after completing our daily work targets, we have to wait for long hours just to finish our report generation.

Many of us want to find a way out of these issues and try multiple things to get the reports done. Why not we try new technologies instead of getting the reports done manually all the time. To end the manual report making and rescue you from the extra-long hours you wait for the reports, we have built one revolutionary mobile application that helps you generate your reports in list and graph format!

TradePartners® is an application that is easy to operate, fast, and it generates self and team performance reports using the added data in it by you and your team. From helping new birds with hand-holding to generating the performance and other related reports is the USP of TradePartners®!

We have experimented with TradePartners® with many companies and many employees who have agreed that the TradePartners® app saves their time and softens their daily work in many ways! The app is user-friendly with all the instructions given clearly.

The long wait after office and report generation that consumes a lot of time has finally come to an end. Now you can download your team performance reports in list and graph format in just a single tab on your mobile screen.

It is said and believed by the industry experts that, TradePartners® is a perfect example of technology blending with smart work!

The TradePartners® app helps you save valuable time which one has reserved for their families!

So why wait! Download the TradePartners® app now and experience its friendliness that softens your daily work pressure! Click 

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Can a mobile app help you generate a sales order faster?

As we know that the sales executives who travel to get new orders, have to follow a process to book the sales orders. The sales executives have to check things like the cost of the order, the quantity of the order, availability of the products, and then they have to contact the concerned department and submit the requirements so that the order can get booked.

However, following this process is time-consuming. Hence, we present the TradePartners™ app to you!

With the TradePartners app, the sales executives can easily check the live-stock, offers on products (if any), and they also get the feature to directly book the sales order using their mobile phones!

When the sales executive generates a sales order using the TradePartners app, the concerned backend team gets the notification about the order for which they can confirm and book it accordingly. So now the sales executives no longer have to call or visit the concerned team to get the order booked.

This process saves time for the entire team. As the sales executives use the TradePartners™ app for order generation, the app automatically saves all the info and generates reports accordingly, which can be then checked by the Managers.

Hence, the TradePartners app is an all-in-one option for the sales team to increase their performance faster than before! TradePartners helps you save time and be more productive in a smart way! And YES! “A Mobile App Can Help You Generate A Sales Order Faster!” 🙂

Hurry! Click now to contact us for more details!

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