Being With TradePartners™!

I am a Sr. Sales Executive and my work life were as hectic like any other Sales Executive!

My entire day goes in traveling and meeting new clients to close the deal. During each visit, I used to call my manager and updated him my reaching and leaving time from the client location. I was also supposed to call my manager to update him regarding my meetings after each visit. I used to suffer due to everyday heavy calls!

But then, our company introduced TradePartners for us to be more organized. At first, we thought that this app will increase our work and we will never get any free time to plan for our next day or visits.

However, TradePartners proved us wrong. Now we do not have to call our manager for any updates as we can set our daily, weekly and monthly PJPs in the app. Our managers can see the same and stays updated on which executive is on which field. TradePartners also updates the manager with our visit time, and we Sales Executives can add notes about our meeting on the app itself.

TradePartners has saved our calling time due to which our work speed has increased! Now all we are a happy team who can self analyze our work and each of us try to beat our previous record. Our manager is more relaxed as he can pull in all the vital performance reports of his team.

TradePartners has saved our morning meeting time and calling time! Now we only look at our phones to check TradePartners in case of any notifications! And yes, these are just a few of the TradePartners features. TradePartners has made our work more organized and faster!

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