Hand-holding of freshers with TradePartners™!

In our industry, we get many freshers joining us each month. Everyone joins us with a dream to be a top performer someday. Now, it is next to impossible for the managers to be out on the field with the freshers for hand-holding. But there has to be some way to track our freshers so that we managers can guide them well and help them to be on the same page with the team.

TradePartners is one of the most futuristic mobile applications which helps to soften our workload and allows a free-flow work environment within the team.

With the tracking option of TradePartners app, we can easily track our new birds and guide them with notes and comments. They can also check-in and check-out for the visited PJPs and also do get the option if any of the PJPs is not found. They can notify everything even by taking live photos of the location using the TradePartners app. This helps the managers to guide the team further and maintain the daily, weekly or monthly performance reports.

The TradePartners app not only helps you track your sales executives, but also helps you to generate reports or download the report data in list or graph format.

Thinking about all these points, TradePartners app was designed by experts of making user-friendly mobile applications. Now, this app is best for maintaining your data, updating PJPs and outstation tour plans too. It also gives you the exact count of team members and their daily, weekly or monthly tasks. It also shows you the ongoing sales offers … And the best part is employee tracking for helping out the freshers! So basically, the TradePartners app offers you all in one service to soften your daily workload!

With the TradePartners you can track and guide your on-field team of freshers without even calling them. The moment your sales executives arrives at the client location, the app sends you a pop-up to checks in and after the visit as soon the executive exits the client location, it automatically checks out. The TradePartners app also allows the executives to put in small notes related to the meeting so that the manager comes to know how well did the meeting go and brief them accordingly. The managers can reply to the notes if necessary.

Using TradePartners saves on time as it assists you in report management, updating daily tasks, and also tracking the sales executives. TradePartners is the way to make the process smoother and simpler. It helps you organize your daily work along with report management so that no one has to wait extra to update the daily reports.

So if you have not yet downloaded TradePartners, then what are you waiting for?

Download TradePartners app now and welcome the most efficient and organized work culture to your office! Click http://tradepartners.in/Download.aspx

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