The TradePartners™ App!

Many apps, many software, and many other technologies are launched each day so that people can simplify their work.

However, there are just a few technologies that come in all in one action. One of the best mobile technology running and trending today is the TradePartnersapp. The app is simply flawless and easy to use. It is the right path to get your work done error-free!

To know more about the TradePartnersapp, let’s hear out a small experience from one of the TradePartnershappy users!

I am a Department Manager in one of the largest electronic products company. My job is to manage a team of 50 by allocating work to my team, monitoring them, graphing and many other reports making activities.

My day starts at 9 AM and I do not have any log out time. The same goes for my team. I and my team are busy with our fieldwork and by the end of the day, we spend our time in daily reporting and daily work analyzing. This helps us to perform better, but at the same time, it takes our time which could have been spent with our families.

I used to believe that there is no end to this work schedule and I and my team will have to live with the same. I used to be continuously stuck in monitoring my team and being in touch with them over the phone.

But all this hectic work has ended for me and my team. Just a few months ago, my company introduced a tiny mobile app called TradePartners! Now, this little buddy is tiny in size but has features like never been thought before. It feels like someone who has been through my work and pain has built the TradePartnersfor us! Now let me tell you what exactly the TradePartnersdoes for us.

Before it was next to impossible to track my team when on the field. We had other tracking apps in the market, however, they were simply time-consuming. But with the TradePartnersapp, I can easily monitor my entire team’s daily PJP, visits, time taken for each visit and vital notes as well and now I can guide and help them for better performance.

Now the note section has saved our calling time as we can share notes on via TradePartnersapp on a particular visit that is made by team members.

Let me tell you the most interesting feature of this app. As before, we used to fetch in the reports manually to analyze the performance data. However, now that can happen via TradePartnersas it saves all the data and shows it to you in a graph and word format. We can also email the same through the app itself. This feature has saved a lot of hand-works that we used to do daily.

We now start our work with a small meeting around 9.30, and unlike before, we now finish our work on time and leave by 6.30 in the evening.

TradePartnershas certainly made this easy for people who are always on the field. So why wait to experience easy field sales operations? Download the TradePartnersapp now! Click for more details!

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