Know how you can set PJPs the smart way!

Usually, the on-field Sales Executives suffer while they set PJPs! They have to follow certain steps to plan their journey.

The Sales Executives also experience long wait for meetings after they return from the field. Not just that, but they also have to be on calls before and after their client visits to update their Managers about their work.

Hence, TradePartners™ helps the Managers and the Sales Executives make this complicated process easy.

With the TradePartners™ app, the sales executives can update their daily, weekly, and monthly PJPs and action them accordingly.

With the TradePartners™ app, the Sales Executives no longer have to waste their time calling and updating the status to their Managers. With the TradePartners™ app, the Managers can easily track the meeting updates as the app allows the Sales Executives to check-in and out from the scheduled meeting. The Sales Executives can also update errors of difficulty status like, meeting canceled, wrong location, etc which can be viewed by the Managers on the app.

Managers can also add short notes regarding the meeting which the Executives had and can also update notification of new and ongoing offers. This helps the team to stay updated on each step.

TradePartners™ also saves time for the Managers and allows them to directly download performance reports in a list and graph format.

In Short, the TradePartners™ app gets you closer to work smart and set PJPs easily!

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