A Quick Check Of Live-Stock For Billing With The TradePartners™!

Field Sales Executives of every company are always on their toes to get a new order for their company. We also know that there are several Sales Executives in a company who travel to many different locations to get new orders.

While they place an order, they have to go through certain challenges. The Sales Executives always have to call or be in touch with their Managers or Admin Departments to check if the products are available in stock.

This is the exact time where they have to wait for a long time until their managers check on the stock and update them on the same. Many times it happens where the Sales team gets the order and returns to their base, only to find out that the stock doesn’t match the order. And then what! The Sales team has to get back to the client asking for some more time to deliver the order.

Now, to end this problem, the TradePartners™ helps you by showing you the live-stock for billing right on your mobile screen. Your Sales Executives can check the available stock and punch in the orders as per the requirement. You can say that your Sales Executives can see the livestock for billing on the go and place the order from the field itself!

This helps the calling and traveling time of the Sales Executives and the company and the order is processed much faster!

So why wait? Speed-up the process of sales in your company with the TradePartners™! Click https://tradepartners.in/contact-us now to contact us!

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