Know how you can Work Smart with the TradePartners™!

Daily work, immense traveling, meetings, convincing clients, making reports, suspense in performance, waiting after office timings for reports, and team meetings! This is just 50% that a sales executive has to go through in his/her daily work cycle. We never know what our performance report will be like, and with a schedule so hectic, we can’t even monitor our work to improve our performance. This results in waiting for the Manager to guide us ahead.

So what do we do? How do we monitor our performance by ourselves? Well! The answer is TradePartners™ mobile app! Yes, the TradePartners™ app helps you in analyzing your daily, weekly, and monthly performance so that you can improve your performance! Now you no more have to keep waiting for your turn after office hours to discuss your performance with your Manager. Now you and your Manager can simply check all the performance history on TradePartners™ app anytime and anywhere!

With the TradePartners™ app, you can add your daily, weekly, or monthly PJPs and action them accordingly. Each PJP and is recorded in the TradePartners™ app. You can play an individual and help your team by performing the best!

The TradePartners™ is one of the best and easy to use mobile applications that can record your reports, performance, PJPs, and Tour Plans as well! It becomes easy for you and your Manager to record and track things that are vital in your daily work schedule!

It has been observed that the Team using the TradePartners, actually leaves their workplace in time as they no longer have to wait for long meetings or report generation after their office timings! You can simply download your or your team reports in list and graph format in just a single touch on your mobile!

The TradePartners™ is the most scalable and 100% secure application that serves you with quality and quick work!

You can now change your work strategies and enter the future trends of performance. Why wait! Get the TradePartners™ app now!

Click and enter the future with the TradePartners!

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