Effortless Training for Freshers!

In the business of field marketing, training freshers is altogether a task for the Managers. Freshers can’t be left with the Senior Sales Executives as they have to complete their daily/weekly/monthly targets. Managers are left with other vital activities due to which they cannot focus completely on their fresher Sales Executives when they are left on the field.

So how can you overcome the situation of training the freshers?

It’s simple! All you have to do is get the TradePartners app for your team! The TradePartners app helps the Managers to track their Sales Executives so that the Managers can guide and help their team to perform.

TradePartners allows the Sales Executives to upload their daily/weekly/monthly PJPs so that the Managers can know the line of action. The TradePartners app also helps generate reports which can be downloaded in list and graph format.

Hence, the long meetings to generate reports no longer exist when you are using the TradePartners app!

So if you are still not with TradePartners, click http://tradepartners.in/Contact.aspx now and enter the work of smart working!

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