Can a mobile app help you generate a sales order faster?

As we know that the sales executives who travel to get new orders, have to follow a process to book the sales orders. The sales executives have to check things like the cost of the order, the quantity of the order, availability of the products, and then they have to contact the concerned department and submit the requirements so that the order can get booked.

However, following this process is time-consuming. Hence, we present the TradePartners™ app to you!

With the TradePartners app, the sales executives can easily check the live-stock, offers on products (if any), and they also get the feature to directly book the sales order using their mobile phones!

When the sales executive generates a sales order using the TradePartners app, the concerned backend team gets the notification about the order for which they can confirm and book it accordingly. So now the sales executives no longer have to call or visit the concerned team to get the order booked.

This process saves time for the entire team. As the sales executives use the TradePartners™ app for order generation, the app automatically saves all the info and generates reports accordingly, which can be then checked by the Managers.

Hence, the TradePartners app is an all-in-one option for the sales team to increase their performance faster than before! TradePartners helps you save time and be more productive in a smart way! And YES! “A Mobile App Can Help You Generate A Sales Order Faster!” 🙂

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