TradePartners® smartly updates you with the customer’s Amount Receivables in a single step!

Credit limit and payment due date are the two most important factors of any sales process. Companies have certain credit terms and payment policies for distributors depending upon their payment history and the volume of business they do.

As our sales executives are always on the search for new business and at the same time, they build a healthy relationship with the existing customers. It is a must for the sales team to know the Amount Receivables of respective distributors. This helps them understand the current payment status of their respective customers and hence, the sales executives can follow up with their customers for the amount receivable as on date if any.

Traditionally the sales team used to follow up with their accounts department to check if the customer has paid or not.

Now, with TradePartners® the entire sales team has a clear idea of the customers whose due date of payment is nearing and whose date of payment has crossed. Also, the sales team can check whether the credit limit provided was overshoot for any approved reason, and likewise, it helps decide the next action items to bring that customer(s) back within the prescribed credit limit.

In this way, the sales team can monitor the Accounts Receivables on a near to real-time basis and follow up with the customers accordingly.

TradePartners® has certainly got the sales process to an easy and smart going level. With TradePartners®, your sales team can now work faster and smarter!

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