Be Progressive with the TradePartners® App!

Many product manufacturing companies give away attractive offers for their distributers. Sometimes a free trip, sometimes big discounts and many such offers that can benefit the buyers. These offers are generally designed to increase the sales of the product.

However, these offers always keep on changing and it gets difficult for the company or the Managers to update each Sales Executive in detail. This results in long morning meetings by the Managers so that their team members can be updated with the ongoing or new offers before they hit the field.

With the TradePartners®, the Admins and Managers can upload all such offers in the Scheme section. Once the offers are updated, the Sales Executives can see the offers and pitch for the same to their clients. Sales Executives also get a notification if any new offer is added or if any existing offer is edited by the Admins or the Managers.

TradePartners® helps you in being updated on each day of your job! With the TradePartners® app, you will notice that your long meeting hours have vanished and all the reports and other work-related updates are right at your fingertips!

So why wait? Get your TradePartners® app now and follow smooth operations in your daily work routine! Click now for more details!

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