Simplify your entire field-sales process with the TradePartners® app!

Many big companies in India and Abroad have the best performing Sales Executive teams working for them. They are always on high alert when it comes to target and performance. The sales team starts their day without having any idea when they will call it a day! Hence, many a time it gets difficult for the Managers to track the performance immediately. Sales Executives travel several miles to attend meetings and try their best to close the deal.

The entire sales process includes tons of man-hours working day and night. Client visits, follow-ups, report preparation, graph building, etc, etc; all this, with a heavy workload.

So we thought of making the Sales process a bit easy by introducing TradePartners®!

So What is TradePartners®?

TradePartners® app is a futuristic mobile-first cloud-based application specially tailor-made for people engaged with channel and distribution trade, across B2B and B2C segments of IT, Consumer Electronics Trade, and others.

It is a very useful app to manage and analyze data related to primary and secondary sales, and productivity/performance analysis of field forces across all verticals with an optional real-time GPS tracking system that could be linked with respective PJPs, a Channel scheme narrator. It can also provide a detailed report on accounts, HRMS, and logistics. We can say that TradePartners® is a high-tech Sales Performance Management Software including features like a Sales Tracking System, Sales Executive Tracking App, Sales Automation Application, and Field Team Management Software!

TradePartners® has made it easy for those who are always on the field.

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