Schedule your PJPs the smart way using the TradePartners® app!

As we know that the entire world is going through a pandemic and there is a lockdown situation in most countries. This entire situation has brought a big coma for the Field Sales Executives. But the show must go on! Thinking about the same many companies have changed their line of action.

The line of action has never worked as the clients are operating with limited time and staff. It gets tricky for the Sales Executives and the Managers to set and update the meetings with each other. Hence, we are presenting this article for you with the best solution to schedule your Projected Journey Plans!

Many of us know the pain and agony of a sales team! Sales Managers and Sales Executives go through heavy pressure on each day of their work. Many times, they do official work beyond the scope of prescribed duty hours, and as a result, they do not get enough time to spend with their families.

 This is because they have to complete their given targets and keep performing consistently. Each day, they also end up in long-lasting meetings to make reports and discuss the performances. They also have to be in touch with each other and their Managers to update several things.

Now, what if a fresher employee joins in? Will the Managers and Senior Sales Executives be available for his/her help? Not just these issues, but the Sales team faces many issues during their daily operations.

Hence, to help the team get a better work experience, we have designed the TradePartners® app! Now the app has many features that can solve many problems of the Sales Team. However, today we will be discussing one of the best features that the TradePartners® offers you!

When a Sales team is on the field, there is a certain look afters for the entire team. The Sales Executives and the Managers have to manage and execute their Daily Projected Journey Plans. This results in starting your day with planning and meetings.

Meetings at the start of the day are important but time-consuming. Hence, the TradePartners® app helps Sales Executives plan their day’s, week’s, and month’s journeys on the app!

Once the Sales Executives update their journey plans, the Managers can easily view the same on the app and have a clear picture of which Sales Executive is up for which client meet. This gives your team a call-free experience!

The Sales Executive gets the option to mark themselves out from the meeting once they are out of the client’s location. Managers can put short notes if they want to update their on-field Sales Executives about any important message.

For the freshers in the team, the Managers can track them on the TradePartners® app and can guide them on each step of their meetings. This helps time to train the freshers. Once the day is over, the Managers can see the performance data on the app and can plan the month accordingly.

The TradePartners® app also helps in report generation to help the team save time which they usually spend in the day’s end meetings. All the reports are ready at your fingertips and can be downloaded in a list or graph format!

Now with the TradePartners® in-house, your team saves time and enters the world of smart working!

So why wait? Download the TradePartners® app now! Click to know more!

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