Keep a track of your sales count by checking your Targets Vs Achievements using the TradePartners® app!

With the help of TradePartners®, the Sales Executives can see their real-time targets vs achievements, individual product-wise quantity, and value sell-out done.

The TradePartners® makes it easy to check the same, and by this feature, every individual in the sales team gets to know where he/she is standing as per the achievement ratio.

It was observed that as compared to the previous work style, people using TradePartners® can check their growth and get into action to keep up with their performance!

To maintain the target vs achievement of the team, the Manager has to take daily meetings to check the progress of the sales team.

However, this technique has become too outdated. Hence, we at TradePartners®, have made complete use of today’s technology and have introduced a feature to check your Targets Vs Achievements!

The sales team of every company has certain targets which they have to achieve before the deadline. The targets are usually divided into two parts, Amount wise and quantity-wise. Now, with TradePartners®, you can easily check your Targets Vs Achievements and always have a shining performance!

So why wait? Click to start your growth the smart way!

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