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As we know that each day we get many applications for the position of on-field Sales Executives. Some are experienced and some are freshers. We always give preference to experienced candidates as they know their KRAs and the company saves on training time and cost. However, at the same time, we also know that we must hire some freshers to keep the show running. Freshers act well as buffers or temporary replacements for their seniors. But at the same time, training freshers is a must for them to perform well. But how will a manager train their on-field Sales Executives sitting in the office? It is very difficult for a Manager to go out on the field leaving all the office work behind.

Fieldwork is always difficult. It gets harder due to the complications faced between the Managers and the on-field Sales Executives. Keeping a track of the on-field executives is not as easy as it looks. Continuous calling and attending the calls may result in a lack of concentration in other related work.

It has also been observed that the day-end meeting usually stretches for long hours. Also making the reports manually is altogether a stunt to perform!

These and many other problems hit us when we talk about a field sales job. However, now we can say that we can get rid of all these problems simply by looking at our mobile screens. Yes! You heard us right.

TradePartners® is the app that can solve all the problems that you face in the daily field sales job. From tracking your Sales Executives so that you being a manager can do the much-needed hand-holding for your team sitting at your office, to making the performance reports. TradePartners® does it all for you in just one single touch.

The TradePartners® app is loaded with futuristic features that soften your daily work pressure. It can track your Sales team when they are on the field to meet the clients. It can also analyze single and team performance and can make the reports in list and graph format which you can easily download! It also helps you to mention comments on each visit so that your new team gets the much-needed guidance. This saves on calling your team for any updates.

With the TradePartners® app on your mobile, you can skip those long-running meetings that don’t let you leave your office in time. For error-free work reports and performance management, you can try the TradePartners® app and witness its user-friendly features and save your valuable time.

Get the TradePartners® app now and start your error-free team performance and be on the top-performance chart of your company!

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