The most reliable application to schedule your PJPs!

Field Sales Executives are going through a troublesome time. As we know that many companies are operating from home or with reduced staff, the Sales Executives are facing trouble in their daily field visits.

But as we say that the show must go on and, hence, it’s time for the sales team to adopt technology in their daily work routine.

 As we know, sales teamwork starts with morning meetings and necessary briefing from the Managers. Meetings at the start of the day are essential but time-consuming. Hence, the TradePartners® app helps Sales Executives design their day’s, week’s, and month’s journey on the app!

Once the Sales Executives update their journey plans, the Managers can effortlessly inspect the same on the app and have a clear idea of which Sales Executive is up for which client meet. This gives your team a call-free practice!

The Sales Executive gets the option to mark themselves out from the meeting once they are out of the client’s location. Managers can put short notes if they want to update their on-field Sales Executives about any important message.

Once the day is over, the Managers can see the performance data on the app and can plan the month accordingly.

The TradePartners® app also helps in report generation to help the team save time which they usually spend in the day’s end meetings. All the reports are ready and can be downloaded in a list or graph format!

Now with the TradePartners® in-house, your team saves time and enters the world of smart working!

So why wait? Download the TradePartners® app now! Click to know more!

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