Plan and schedule your Business Tours easily with the TradePartners® app!

As we all know that Sales is a field where the Executives have to travel and present their business in the market. Sales are all about your reach, approach, and the network that you build with your skills.

It has been observed that many Executives have to travel out of their cities, states, and sometimes out of the country to visit their would-be clients.

It is hard to maintain the data of Executives traveling long distances. Also, the Executives may need some hand-holding or instructions from the experts or Managers.

This is when the TradePartners® app comes in the picture. Using the TradePartners® app, the Executives can plan their Business Tours and update their travel schedule on the app. Managers can view the details and can support the Executives by sharing notes or any vital information using the app. Managers can also track their Executives while they are on the go, and can share live updates with them. The Sales Executives can also update the status of their meetings so that the Managers can get timely reports.

By using the TradePartners® app, the Managers and the Executives can send and receive live notifications which can help in better tracking and support.

With the information and data provided, TradePartners® generates accurate performance reports analyzing the success ratio submitted from the Executives and Managers. Managers can then easily download the entire reports in a list or graph format!

TradePartners® is known to built accurate reports based on the info entered by the Managers and the Executives. TradePartners® helps you save valuable time which can be utilized for other important activities.

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